Sunday, July 1, 2012

Movie, Mall Day Today

Oh today is movie/mall day for me.  If I miss the movie there is always the mall walk.  I am feeling much better today.  I volunteered 4 hours yesterday for a good cause.  I stood up, shook a net and angled for donations to School Tools.  School Tools donates school supplies to parents that are otherwise unable to do so, for their school-aged children. 

I remember way back when I was in elementary school, our list was simple a notebook, folders, erasers, paper and pens, that was it.  Now, oh it is much, much more that is needed, actually required to begin the school year. Children need these tools of course, and by not having the tools that are required puts a student at a disadvantage and this child may also suffer a social stigma among his classmates for not having stated supplies.  

 If you are a parent, of an elementary school aged child I'm sure you've seen the list.  With the cutbacks in education and funding to our schools, we have to step in and help as these children are our future.  And imagine if you have more that one child in the school system, those are additional lists to fill.  So, I am happy, I did something to help a great cause.

I actually think some of my pain went away yesterday, just a tidbit.  It is remarkable how positive actions bring about positive responses.  If you are feeling not to swell about something or just don't feel well yourself, try doing something for someone, or some good cause.  I promise you'll feel better too, just like I did!

Do you know a parent(s) of school aged children you can assist with the donation of items on "the list"?

Feel good today!

Nerium International