Tuesday, July 17, 2012

She Didn't Tell Me How

I am working along trying to find my niche online. That is still coming along quite slowly.  In the meantime I stay focused on it, I do something, online everyday, better yet every hour in an attempt to brand myself online which will greatly assist me in finding this viable income that is going to lead me to financial freedom, which is what this blog is about!

Well along the way there are other things, I have to master too.  First on the list my weight.  My doctor informed me that "we" have to lose 20 pounds.  She smiled and looked at me with smiling eyes and face, and said okay?  I said, okay.  She said I will see you in three months for cholesterol test.

I left the office and went home. I thought about it, losing the weight. But she did not tell me how.  How to lose it, I had nothing to go on. Nothing to combat, disagree with, to add to or substitute. Oh, I thought about it awhile, for days in fact. 

Well with nothing to go on I started from the beginning, which was lose weight. I asked myself, how can I lose weight. I said I have to eat less to lose weight. To eat less, I have to not focus or focus less on food.  I started not focusing on dinner or what I was going to cook or have for dinner. I ate anything I had on hand, which normally is veggies, and patties, and I only ate enough to take away hunger. 

If I became hungry after "dinner" I drank water and chewed sugar free gum, until the hunger subsided.  I continued to do this for dinner, until I just no longer focused on dinner period.  Dinner was just to eat some mediocre thing, that's it.

I started doing it for lunch too.  I would have just something, steamed vegetables, 1 patty of some kind, or maybe a salad and plenty of water, a couple of crackers.  Just take that immediate hunger away. I found that I ate much less food.

I went back to the doctor, oh she was just smiling at me for a minute, she said, you're weight looks good!

So you know the mind is a very powerful thing, use it and listen to it, could just be you already know what to do about a situation if you are not told!

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Deborah "Nanilima" Howell
Its Hawaiian