Friday, July 13, 2012

Two Months and Two Weeks

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It's been two months in part-time and 2 weeks in full-time. Finding that source or stream of income online is not, regardless, to what anyone says "easy".  This is relentless work, I am missing sleep, food, and most importantly a viable source of income.

I am not giving up, I am not going to quit. I know it can be done, I know I can figure out a way to income myself online. It's just me. Funny, I have no one depending on me now, so at least now, I can do without some of the unimportant things, but still I've got to eat, live somewhere and have to sleep on something.
I prepared myself for this, I am in it for the long haul. I have got to forge through this period. I will see some progress soon.

I fortify myself through you.  Yes, I talk it out.  I have in reserve ideas of businesses I can do, if my chosen ones don't work.  Still I am not ready for that yet, no need yet to pull out the reserves, perhaps a pizza though something I could hold in my hand and eat while still typing. And a drink, but no, I must be more frugal, especially being so late for that and dietary reasons, a cup of yogurt will do, I'll grab that and a spoon.

It's been three days, I have literally been chained to this lap top. Morning to night, I take a walk outside or to the corner, and lunch break not much else. I am putting in more hours here than any 9-5. So if time worked garners anything, I have that. 

Rumours Nightclub
Oh, well tomorrow Friday will be much of the same; but thanks to my friend, Saturday, I am going out. It's somewhat of a celebration for another friend that is moving to Florida, a good-bye of sorts. We celebrated her birthday not long ago. I will miss her.

We are going to Rumours, a nice club. Plenty of dancing, and drinks, you can even dance in a cage if you so desire!

So for now at least I am still getting my weekends off!

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    1. Thank you Cutest. I did go out a bit today, did a little shopping, found a really cute orange dress, nice and on sale, a beautiful top, and leggings. Oh la la. All on sale!

      My friend called, she lost her brother-in-law, she was so sad, and wanted to hang out. So, I left my computer, we have to support our friends.

      Love your sign-off!