Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fact Find, Rest and Replenish

Well, I'm okay today, I am moving on.

I found out there is a law on the books that determine a survivor of a spouse that receives a pension is ineligible for survivor's benefits from Social Security in essence.  I mean you you can file, but you will not get any payment, is what the clerk said.  Okay, I didn't know that, actually I had never thought about that, and I guess had I known, I probably would not have changed anything anyway. So going on.

I have determined to rest a bit, not long but to take a breather.  I want to, "smell the roses".  Show my appreciation for  the things, I have just rushed through. Take a walk, breathe, feel the warm air on my skin.  Re-connect to the fitness club, I joined but was always to tired to go. Make that appointment with my new dental office for a cleaning, again something I could only do between 9a.m. until 4p.m. Monday thru Friday. I can again go to the beach in the morning, have coffee, and feel the ocean breeze, meet tourists and listen to their stories from home and here.

Oh for me it is the simple things, the norms that ground me, that make me feel good. I am replenishing my mind, body and soul, through the absence of stress. Negativity is such a robber; it steals spirit, insight why the absence of it alone, I believe rebuilds cells.  Unhampered rest, non-stop cell reproduction, I am slowly rebuilding me.  I am hydrating myself but not only with the intake of water, but renewed spirit, love, and peace, I am putting back.  I was to my core, I must never let myself go this far again.

So, I must call my girlfriend and let her know about survivor's benefits, as we were talking about it, she didn't know how it worked and neither did I. I am going to get up now and literally, "smell the coffee", first cup, and start another beautiful day in paradise.

Thanks for listening, and I want to hear from you.  How is your day?

Deborah "Nanilima" Howell
It's Hawaiian

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