Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Got My Motivation Back

What Motivates You!

I am resting well now which is a good thing at least.  But, I have so much before me.  I have got to get a groove, find a niche, get paid.  It is going slow, I am taking on each day making sure to remain focused and to keep working towards my goal. My goal is experiencing and/or reaching financial freedom online!

I want this badly, but as of yet have not found the path, the gateway, the door. In the meantime I work, seek, listen and talk to same-minded individuals. I am proceeding, making little steps, but isn't that how it all starts with anything worth having!

My motivation must stay up, I must continue to want to succeed. This part is easy for me on so many levels.

Just yesterday I was looking for a small box like stool, the kind you can store stuff in and sit on.  I went to Ross Store as they have very nice home furnishing departments. Usually they are small (departments) but they have nice, sometime one-of-a-kind items and they're usually on sale.

I did not find a stool, but I did find a pair of shoes, as a matter of fact Jessica Simpson's brand shoe.  These shoes were fabulous!  They were comfortable, stylish, wedge-heel, they had everything, I really, really loved those shoes.  I did not buy them though.  Those shoes are motivational!  I am going to strive to make money online for those shoes.

Hopefully between my striving and the current number of those shoes available for purchase; and I checked there were at least five pairs.  I will soon have that shoe on my foot!

What motivates you?  Are you a shoe lover?

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Deborah "Nanilima" Howell
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  1. the shoe looks gorgeous. i think music is definitely the best motivator for me. I load my iphone with my favourite songs and it helps uplift my mood instantly. it's hard to imagine life without music.

    1. Yes Life, music is a great motivator for me too. Life without music, I can't imagine. Funny thing is motivators are all around us, I guess it's just the natural order of things. I'm still working on those shoes! lol.