Friday, June 29, 2012

Adversity Makes Me Stronger

Adversity makes me stronger! I don't know it probably was in the way I was raised, something that my parents instilled in me. They probably knew I would face some adversity in my life and they wanted me to be prepared even if they were not here on earth in the physical sense to guide me; they wanted me to be able to handle it.  Parents, you did a good job!  Anyways for sure I do not run from adversity, it just makes me stronger; makes me want to stick around longer, makes me feel I cannot quit, I know you get the idea!

But not my co-workers, they don't understand, that treating me badly, keeping me out of your group, not offering me kindness, not saying good night or good morning, not holding a door open or just a simple smile will not make me grab my coat and hat and find the nearest exit; but it makes me dig in deeper, get comfortable and stay!

Perhaps they've never heard you attract more bees with honey, you can get what you want quicker by being nice. I mean in general most situations just work out to the benefit of all involved by just being nice about it.

I learned long ago, there are things that you cannot change, you do not have the power to change, you do not worry yourself with that thing, or element of your life, you let go and Let God.  

I tell you, there is nothing, in this world, and for that matter out of this world too, that God cannot and will not change for you, if you have faith in Him. Therefore. I am a lot to be reckoned with, on one hand, I do not fear adversity and on the other I have faith in God!

I support you; I am supported!

Hello, hello!

Deborah "Nanilima" Howell
Its Hawaiian

Thursday, June 28, 2012

How About You

How About You...

Well I am now the proud great-grandmother of a seven pound 20 ounce baby boy.  My granddaughter and her son are still in the hospital, but I understand they are doing well.  Thank you Jesus! God be the Glory! 

Work was very stressful as usual, the program manager that took up residence in our office basically so that civility could be maintained is now moving to a office of his very own.  Well done! Congratulations! for him is in order, as he is happy having remarked, "I finally get my own office".  He is a young guy, he is moving up the ladder, on the fast track in this company.  

I remember when the announcement came that he had been promoted to head of the financial division the other applicant for that position that obviously was not chosen, walked-off the job! Being such a small island, it was noted that this individual did find another very lucrative position with another company, something occurred while in that job that this person did not agree with and she walked again. Strange, but not because turns out this is her m.o.

I am hopefully going to meet with a friend and fellow business marketeer on Saturday, to brainstorm and possibly do some joint demo sessions of our products. I hope to fill in some dates on the calendar of partnering demos with her. Say it, claim it, its yours.  

I know I am embracing life again, maybe not yet at full force ahead but it's coming; I am getting there.  Today  was one of my better days.  

How about you? Have you recently or are you currently dealing with something that is hard to bear, or carry alone? I am talking to you.  I am here for you, I am going through this but I am not alone, and I am here to tell you, you are not either; talk to me, comment on this blog, lets go through life's ups and downs together!

I support you, and I am supported!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's 1:46A.M.

Oh well it is 1:46a.m.; and I am still awake. I have not been able sleep like before everything happened.  I am hoping though that my sleep pattern will return as I keep trying to propel myself through the grief, the feeling of loss that still has it's grip on me.  Somehow, I still make it to work in the morning, it takes me a little longer to get ready for work than it used to. But I get ready and go.

During the day I work, no breaks, most times the days blur by.  Monday through Friday, 9:00a.m through 3:00p.m., is what I tell our clients of when we are here.  Over, and over, it almost like a train pulling into a station calling out the stop.  

I checked into my online platform this evening to interact with like minded business professionals; this is how we get internet exposure, branding.  I didn't get too much of either this evening though, could not focus on that, odd, usually that was all I could focus on.  Does this mean in some small way; I am getting better? I hope so!  

Well maybe, I could not focus because, my daughter has called oh I guess from 4:00p.m. this afternoon, until about, I guess her last call was about 11:00p.m. to keep me informed of her only daughter, being in full-fledged childbirth, oh my poor granddaughter being in labor so long.  I imagine when I wake up I will have a great grandson, that will be a blessing!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm Coming Around

I'm trying to hold it together, I know I've got to, for the sake of my family, and myself.  I recently suffered the loss of my younger sister.  I knew somewhat of the pain because as a teen, I lost my youngest sister.  My youngest sister suffered with chronic asthma she left us after a prolonged hospital stay.  It was devastating to say the least.  My whole family, I believe changed that day, my mom lost a part of her, in my dad was a still silence, my aunt who had one child, decided to have another child. The only way I could deal with it was to push it into a lost memory so as not to have to deal with the pain.

My younger sister that passed recently was a great mom, of 4 boys, had a loving husband and was a loving grandmother of four, 2 boys and two girls.  Upon reaching nineteen years old my sister moved away from home to New York with the dad of her first son.  Over the years my sister and I were both guilty of not keeping in touch as we should.  I don't know for sure how she felt when she left; but I really felt, like I kinda lost my sister. Anyway time passed and between phone calls  on each others birthdays and notes to each other online years passed.  

This time this call was not near a birthday, I just wanted to talk with my sister to see how she was doing, about the kids; as for sure we could talk about our children.  Well she was in the hospital had been in there for sometime, although she was laughing very heartily at every little funny thing I said.  I didn't ask on that call any questions, oddly.  I just decided to wait and let her say what she wanted to and when.  The next day I called and she again laughed and laughed we both did, she told me what the doctors said, and she said okay, Deborah love you goodbye.   

I think that is when my downward spiral began.  I was unable to I guess function, I was going through the movements but with no cause.  It was like just being numb, and I couldn't move from this place.  I started writing a blog, I started an online business, which these thing kept me afloat;  to sit down and do something, think, and manage, talk to people, etc. but not too close from afar.  I am thankful I had these two instruments at my disposal to push me through a rough period; but I realize now I could not of been fair to either one in the state, I was.  So I want to re-start if I may, at the true beginning of how this blog began and from where.  I'm coming around now!

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Helping, the Spirit

How can I help you?  Do you know the spirit of helping transcends all barriers?  We sometimes have an opportunity to help someone and because of something about that individual we determine they are not in need or will not adhere or change as a result of our help, so therefore we will not help this individual, we will help someone that will be appreciative.  

Help or willingness to help comes in many shapes, forms and fashions.  If you truly want to have a helping spirit, don’t be concerned about the recipient or result of the help you extend.  It is not about that, it is about your giving of yourself to help someone else; that is what matters.

Just because someone or something does not look familiar, or you think why, would this person want to help me? Open your spirit to receive help, you will be helped; and in ways you never thought.  It is called “works”.  The result of “works” is blessings. And this way, any one can receive blessings by be helpful to others. You don’t know when you how, when or what your blessing is, but believe me, by helping others you will receive it. 

Sometimes even in our circle of friends, we notice some one usually so joyful is acting a little amiss, nothing major at this point. Why not go to that person ask them, “How can I help you”, you will find, just the offer of assistance is anointing to that person’s soul.  The fact that you cared enough to inquire may even be enough.  How many times have we felt, if someone, or anyone really cares… and how it felt when asked. Also, when you ask to help someone, be ready to roll-up your sleeves, and help if necessary.

Deborah "Nanilima" Howell
Its Hawaiian

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Have You Ever Been In Love With A Skincare Product?

I like some products, and have preferences for some products over others, but my NeriumAD, I love. This bottle has given me not only beautiful, healthy, flawless and radiant looking skin; it has given me the confidence to go before any audience and say I love this product. 

NeriumAD is not the first skincare treatment I've used, yes, I have used many; but I will tell you of all the ones I have used it is by far the absolute best as far as ease of use, reliability and results. I know my skin is going to look good, with NeriumAD, I stand on that. And because of that I can freely and honestly say to you, "It works for me and it will work for you, you, and you too".

Why do I love thee? Because NeriumAD does not require any mixing, matching, measuring, pouring, heating, cooling, or any other time-consuming process to use. I don't need an applicator, dry cloth, wet cloth, tissues, or anything. Nothing to flush, discard, or refrigerate. I like easy, when it comes to the use of my time.

How? Because NeriumAD is a pump bottle, 3-4 pumps into your hands applied to your just before bedtime washed face. That's it. 

Now go to sleep, while we sleep our bodies recharge, renew, and regenerate. And so does NeriumAD, it works while we sleep. When you awake, wash your face, and moisturize. You are set, for the day, for the world, confidence off the charts! 

How is your skincare product doing for you?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Not Just the Face Anymore

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jump Start Growth Build on Solid Foundation

In order to successfully build upon something, the base has to be solid; the foundation.  One cannot successfully build on shaky ground solidity provides the support and stability for successful growth to occur.  These two statements hold true in most of our day to day encounters as well as in our business agendas.  The best business relationships are built upon trust, honesty, and reliability. Basically we are saying, I know you, I believe you and I depend on you. This is a system of support, upon which you can nourish, and continue to build upon upwards and out.  Thereby creating links, business links that connect companies but most importantly people, like-minded people are brought together. Promoting and sharing links help businesses flourish, and people find that the opportunities are out here and just waiting for that connection that will create a business link.

Creating solid foundations, in your relationships with people is so easy to do.  Start by speaking to everybody you see, and smile. Good Morning, Good Evening, Hello, How are you? Some, maybe most people will speak back, but continue greeting everyone eventually some of these people will now say a little something in addition to the greeting.  Be a good listener, listen contently, listen not only with your ears, but with your eyes, look at the person, and establish, eye contact from time to time.  Let your body language flow into the listening. This individual is going to talk to you again and allow you to talk to them.  By listening, talking and sharing ideas, ideals, children’s stories, etc. you are beginning to build trust, honesty, and reliability with that person.  This could turn into a business relationship, or maybe from this you could be introduced to someone perhaps interested in a business relationship but, now you are “introduced” the fact that you are building relationships now can work in your favor.

If you want to build successful business relationships, start listening…

Nerium International

Deborah “Nanilima” Howell
Its Hawaiian

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Bit of Hawaiian Style

10 Ways to Instantly Look Younger

Ladies with the job market being what it is and especially if you work outside of the home, there is some stiff competition out there...

Many don’t realize it, but there’s more to looking younger than accumulating anti-aging lotions and potions or undergoing cosmetic procedures. The secret lies in the way you present yourself to the outside world. I’m talking about your appearance.

Below are my top 10 ways to start looking younger now by making some simple
tweaks to what you put on your body.

1. Update your glasses. Our faces change (with the help of time and gravity). So it’s important to update glasses every 3-5 years in order to present a look that is current and relevant. Nothing says old like an old pair of glasses.

2. Wear earrings for crow’s feet. If you have wrinkles around your eyes a nice pair of sparkly earrings can distract from those lines.

3. Color your gray. Coloring some or all of your gray hairs can take years off your appearance.

4. Wear clothes that fit. Avoid wearing baggy clothes if you’re not exactly happy with the shape of your body. An outfit that fits properly can actually make you look slimmer.

5. Shine and resole your shoes. Dull shoes with run over heels make the statement that you are tired and old.

6. Wear properly fitted bras. As your body changes, it becomes necessary to take the time to go into a department store and have the saleswoman measure your bust. Having the right undergarment on adds a youthful silhouette.

7. Matching handbag and shoes. This small gesture makes a big thoughtful statement and makes any look more current and updated. As women age, they tend to just carry a bag that they feel is comfortable. But taking the time to match your shoes with the same color bag (or a bag in the same color family) makes a smart statement that says you care.

8. Avoid heavy eyeliner. As we age, we should complement our natural eye shape and not load up on makeup to hide that we are getting older. Believe it or not, the more eyeliner you wear, the older it makes you look.

9. Learn how to apply concealer properly. Go into a department store and ask for the head makeup sales person. Ask that person to show you how to apply concealer below your eyes. The right application can give you a bright awake look and make you look up to 10 years younger. Once you learn, you can do it yourself in minutes!

10. Wear perfume. Young people pay attention to how they smell because they want to impress the opposite sex. Sometimes as we age (or stay married to the same person) we lose sight of this powerful tool. Smell is our strongest sense. And when you wear a perfume that matches your body chemistry, you come across as more youthful to those you encounter.


Nerium International

Deborah "Nanilima" Howell
Its Hawaiian

New Products

As we sleep Nerium International is working hard as ever!  New products are being developed currently, as we speak. I am so excited to be part of this company.

New Product Development, Testing, and Launch

Nerium SkinCare has formulated/developed its initial new product for market launch, NeriumAD™ an age –defying treatment (Night Cream). Exclusive distribution of NeriumAD™ is provided for in partnership with Nerium International, LLC. Anti-aging skin creams are abundant in today's cosmetic marketplace. New ingredients that may provide additional efficacy are sought to improve existing products. The NeriumAD™ formulation is specifically designed for this market and provides two (2) such ingredients, NAE-8™ extract and a proprietary protein blend (collagen & elastin & glycosaminoglycans). Nature Based and Scientifically Developed

Future product development includes:

NeriumAD Eye Cream
NeriumAD Age-Spot Cream
NeriumDerm Skin Repair Cream
NeriumDerm Blemish Cream
NeriumDerm Moisturizing Lotion
NeriumDerm Contouring Lotion
NeriumDerm Burn Ointment
NeriumDerm After- Sunburn Skin Lotion
NeriumDerm Radiation Burn Cream
NeriumCS Lip Serum

Deborah "Nanilima" Howell
Its Hawaiian

Nerium International

Monday, June 4, 2012

How I Got My Hawaiian Name

I mentioned in an earlier post how I flew to Hawaii quite frequently for work and determined I wanted to live here right? Well, not only did I permanently move here, I received my Hawaiian name.  I just love Hawaii, the scenic views of the countryside, breathtakingly beautiful sunsets, the ocean, waves, flowers, what is here not to love. Yet, I wanted a little more.  So, I found out from a co-worker that to get a Hawaiian name you must seek the services of a Kumu, which in my case was a teacher of dance (hula).

Well I am a mall hound.  I love the malls, don't even have to buy, I walk and I look, have coffee, lunch, look around some more and go home. Well this particular day at the mall the entertainment was a Hawaiian Dance group directed by Kumu Leimomi. The dancing was spectacular as I watched the show.  After the show, I asked Kumu Leimomi if I may speak with her, she graciously responded, "Of course", I told her I really wanted a Hawaiian name.  She invited my to her office after  everything was all wrapped up from the earlier show.   I went about walking to different shops waiting to go to her office, and when I thought about it again I was at home.

Oh, actually I felt anguished, I missed it. What now. As it turned out I saw Kumu Leimomi again, this time I said to her, I met you before and I asked you.... she said I remember you.  Tell me something about you. I began, I work at Helping Hands Hawaii, we help people that are in need of material items, food, shelter...she said stop, "Helping Hands are beautiful hands. Your Hawaiian Name is "Nanilima".

So, I incorporate my Hawaiian name, Nanilima, which means beautiful hands in everything I do it is my signature stamp.

Deborah "Nanilima" Howell
Its Hawaiian

What Happened to Manners?

During my youth we were taught manners. Simply speaking there were things that you did and things that you did not do. Manners were definitely shown or on display outside of the home.

What happened?  So many times I have witnessed people entering rooms with other people already in the room and that person not speak a word upon seeing people in the room.

People that brush or tap up against you, or even step on your toe and don't say, "Excuse Me".

Using foul language in public.

Not offering a seat to an elderly or afflicted person, giving them a choice as to whether or not to be seated.

Allowing children to yell, squeal, jump, run, scream, have a tantrum in public areas.

These are only a few, but let's be mindful that we teach by example so therefore continue to show and exhibit good manners constantly in the hopes of it catching on.

Nerium International

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Aunt Rosa

Aunt Rosa is a very influential type of person. She is a school teacher, from college to present time. She has always been the one with spoken opinions, encouraging family member participation at dinners and giving each person an opportunity to talk about themselves in a positive way.  Knowing we were going to see Aunt Rosa and the we could look forward to sharing and hearing from about other family member's lives soon became a staple at each dinner or family gathering.

As we grew older and began entering high school, our parents as I look back now were kind of unnerved by it all.  They weren't sure what was to be expected from or for us, as far as school activities, which ones were beneficial for us to participate, on what level, or the social activities abound.  Aunt Rosa then was our personal speaker; for she talked to our parents helping put aside their fears, about the extracurricular and social activities at school, so we could participate in them, of course we had to keep our grades up to do so.

When, I think now about it, Aunt Rosa was there, spreading her good will, observations, and point-of-views, from my childhood to adulthood, she never stopped, speaking in and on our behalf.  Of course, our dinners have dwindled to not so many, everybody is grown, or moved away. The children now, I am hopeful they have a family teacher in their midst, I think they do, my niece Marilyn is also a teacher.

Today, publicly, on this platform I thank my Aunt Rosa for the contributions she has made in my life. And to teachers, you are special people, you mold our children, encourage, and support them. Teachers do this at work and at home, thank you, Aunt Rosa!

Deborah "Nanilima " Howell
Its Hawaiian

Nerium International