Monday, June 4, 2012

How I Got My Hawaiian Name

I mentioned in an earlier post how I flew to Hawaii quite frequently for work and determined I wanted to live here right? Well, not only did I permanently move here, I received my Hawaiian name.  I just love Hawaii, the scenic views of the countryside, breathtakingly beautiful sunsets, the ocean, waves, flowers, what is here not to love. Yet, I wanted a little more.  So, I found out from a co-worker that to get a Hawaiian name you must seek the services of a Kumu, which in my case was a teacher of dance (hula).

Well I am a mall hound.  I love the malls, don't even have to buy, I walk and I look, have coffee, lunch, look around some more and go home. Well this particular day at the mall the entertainment was a Hawaiian Dance group directed by Kumu Leimomi. The dancing was spectacular as I watched the show.  After the show, I asked Kumu Leimomi if I may speak with her, she graciously responded, "Of course", I told her I really wanted a Hawaiian name.  She invited my to her office after  everything was all wrapped up from the earlier show.   I went about walking to different shops waiting to go to her office, and when I thought about it again I was at home.

Oh, actually I felt anguished, I missed it. What now. As it turned out I saw Kumu Leimomi again, this time I said to her, I met you before and I asked you.... she said I remember you.  Tell me something about you. I began, I work at Helping Hands Hawaii, we help people that are in need of material items, food, shelter...she said stop, "Helping Hands are beautiful hands. Your Hawaiian Name is "Nanilima".

So, I incorporate my Hawaiian name, Nanilima, which means beautiful hands in everything I do it is my signature stamp.

Deborah "Nanilima" Howell
Its Hawaiian