Friday, June 29, 2012

Adversity Makes Me Stronger

Adversity makes me stronger! I don't know it probably was in the way I was raised, something that my parents instilled in me. They probably knew I would face some adversity in my life and they wanted me to be prepared even if they were not here on earth in the physical sense to guide me; they wanted me to be able to handle it.  Parents, you did a good job!  Anyways for sure I do not run from adversity, it just makes me stronger; makes me want to stick around longer, makes me feel I cannot quit, I know you get the idea!

But not my co-workers, they don't understand, that treating me badly, keeping me out of your group, not offering me kindness, not saying good night or good morning, not holding a door open or just a simple smile will not make me grab my coat and hat and find the nearest exit; but it makes me dig in deeper, get comfortable and stay!

Perhaps they've never heard you attract more bees with honey, you can get what you want quicker by being nice. I mean in general most situations just work out to the benefit of all involved by just being nice about it.

I learned long ago, there are things that you cannot change, you do not have the power to change, you do not worry yourself with that thing, or element of your life, you let go and Let God.  

I tell you, there is nothing, in this world, and for that matter out of this world too, that God cannot and will not change for you, if you have faith in Him. Therefore. I am a lot to be reckoned with, on one hand, I do not fear adversity and on the other I have faith in God!

I support you; I am supported!

Hello, hello!

Deborah "Nanilima" Howell
Its Hawaiian