Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jump Start Growth Build on Solid Foundation

In order to successfully build upon something, the base has to be solid; the foundation.  One cannot successfully build on shaky ground solidity provides the support and stability for successful growth to occur.  These two statements hold true in most of our day to day encounters as well as in our business agendas.  The best business relationships are built upon trust, honesty, and reliability. Basically we are saying, I know you, I believe you and I depend on you. This is a system of support, upon which you can nourish, and continue to build upon upwards and out.  Thereby creating links, business links that connect companies but most importantly people, like-minded people are brought together. Promoting and sharing links help businesses flourish, and people find that the opportunities are out here and just waiting for that connection that will create a business link.

Creating solid foundations, in your relationships with people is so easy to do.  Start by speaking to everybody you see, and smile. Good Morning, Good Evening, Hello, How are you? Some, maybe most people will speak back, but continue greeting everyone eventually some of these people will now say a little something in addition to the greeting.  Be a good listener, listen contently, listen not only with your ears, but with your eyes, look at the person, and establish, eye contact from time to time.  Let your body language flow into the listening. This individual is going to talk to you again and allow you to talk to them.  By listening, talking and sharing ideas, ideals, children’s stories, etc. you are beginning to build trust, honesty, and reliability with that person.  This could turn into a business relationship, or maybe from this you could be introduced to someone perhaps interested in a business relationship but, now you are “introduced” the fact that you are building relationships now can work in your favor.

If you want to build successful business relationships, start listening…

Nerium International

Deborah “Nanilima” Howell
Its Hawaiian