Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Aunt Rosa

Aunt Rosa is a very influential type of person. She is a school teacher, from college to present time. She has always been the one with spoken opinions, encouraging family member participation at dinners and giving each person an opportunity to talk about themselves in a positive way.  Knowing we were going to see Aunt Rosa and the we could look forward to sharing and hearing from about other family member's lives soon became a staple at each dinner or family gathering.

As we grew older and began entering high school, our parents as I look back now were kind of unnerved by it all.  They weren't sure what was to be expected from or for us, as far as school activities, which ones were beneficial for us to participate, on what level, or the social activities abound.  Aunt Rosa then was our personal speaker; for she talked to our parents helping put aside their fears, about the extracurricular and social activities at school, so we could participate in them, of course we had to keep our grades up to do so.

When, I think now about it, Aunt Rosa was there, spreading her good will, observations, and point-of-views, from my childhood to adulthood, she never stopped, speaking in and on our behalf.  Of course, our dinners have dwindled to not so many, everybody is grown, or moved away. The children now, I am hopeful they have a family teacher in their midst, I think they do, my niece Marilyn is also a teacher.

Today, publicly, on this platform I thank my Aunt Rosa for the contributions she has made in my life. And to teachers, you are special people, you mold our children, encourage, and support them. Teachers do this at work and at home, thank you, Aunt Rosa!

Deborah "Nanilima " Howell
Its Hawaiian

Nerium International