Friday, June 15, 2012

Helping, the Spirit

How can I help you?  Do you know the spirit of helping transcends all barriers?  We sometimes have an opportunity to help someone and because of something about that individual we determine they are not in need or will not adhere or change as a result of our help, so therefore we will not help this individual, we will help someone that will be appreciative.  

Help or willingness to help comes in many shapes, forms and fashions.  If you truly want to have a helping spirit, don’t be concerned about the recipient or result of the help you extend.  It is not about that, it is about your giving of yourself to help someone else; that is what matters.

Just because someone or something does not look familiar, or you think why, would this person want to help me? Open your spirit to receive help, you will be helped; and in ways you never thought.  It is called “works”.  The result of “works” is blessings. And this way, any one can receive blessings by be helpful to others. You don’t know when you how, when or what your blessing is, but believe me, by helping others you will receive it. 

Sometimes even in our circle of friends, we notice some one usually so joyful is acting a little amiss, nothing major at this point. Why not go to that person ask them, “How can I help you”, you will find, just the offer of assistance is anointing to that person’s soul.  The fact that you cared enough to inquire may even be enough.  How many times have we felt, if someone, or anyone really cares… and how it felt when asked. Also, when you ask to help someone, be ready to roll-up your sleeves, and help if necessary.

Deborah "Nanilima" Howell
Its Hawaiian