Thursday, June 28, 2012

How About You

How About You...

Well I am now the proud great-grandmother of a seven pound 20 ounce baby boy.  My granddaughter and her son are still in the hospital, but I understand they are doing well.  Thank you Jesus! God be the Glory! 

Work was very stressful as usual, the program manager that took up residence in our office basically so that civility could be maintained is now moving to a office of his very own.  Well done! Congratulations! for him is in order, as he is happy having remarked, "I finally get my own office".  He is a young guy, he is moving up the ladder, on the fast track in this company.  

I remember when the announcement came that he had been promoted to head of the financial division the other applicant for that position that obviously was not chosen, walked-off the job! Being such a small island, it was noted that this individual did find another very lucrative position with another company, something occurred while in that job that this person did not agree with and she walked again. Strange, but not because turns out this is her m.o.

I am hopefully going to meet with a friend and fellow business marketeer on Saturday, to brainstorm and possibly do some joint demo sessions of our products. I hope to fill in some dates on the calendar of partnering demos with her. Say it, claim it, its yours.  

I know I am embracing life again, maybe not yet at full force ahead but it's coming; I am getting there.  Today  was one of my better days.  

How about you? Have you recently or are you currently dealing with something that is hard to bear, or carry alone? I am talking to you.  I am here for you, I am going through this but I am not alone, and I am here to tell you, you are not either; talk to me, comment on this blog, lets go through life's ups and downs together!

I support you, and I am supported!