Monday, June 4, 2012

What Happened to Manners?

During my youth we were taught manners. Simply speaking there were things that you did and things that you did not do. Manners were definitely shown or on display outside of the home.

What happened?  So many times I have witnessed people entering rooms with other people already in the room and that person not speak a word upon seeing people in the room.

People that brush or tap up against you, or even step on your toe and don't say, "Excuse Me".

Using foul language in public.

Not offering a seat to an elderly or afflicted person, giving them a choice as to whether or not to be seated.

Allowing children to yell, squeal, jump, run, scream, have a tantrum in public areas.

These are only a few, but let's be mindful that we teach by example so therefore continue to show and exhibit good manners constantly in the hopes of it catching on.

Nerium International