Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Door Closed Today

I am glad it did and when it closed, I  exhaled!

I knew it was coming; I think if we look back at things, people, and the events leading up to a door closing we know.  I did. I have always been a firm believer though when one door closes, another door opens.

So, I am not anguished, there is no remorse, that door is closed, so be it.  I celebrate my freedom!

Free from the sullen and sour faces, free from the unforgiving and never "excuse me" belching, free from the filthy bathrooms, the uncharacteristic manners of people entering rooms occupied by others, never saying, hello, how are you or good morning, they go to the copier, get a copy, or to pick up mail from the bin, then turn around and walk out of the room; as if no one were there; as if they'd walked into an empty room.

I tried my best, I gave my all, I wanted so badly for things to done neatly, orderly, just trying to maintain alphabetized lists drew fire from the dragons of hell! And lest I forget, inter-departmental lying, and as well outer-departmental lying.  These figures are conjured up to make a point; they are faceless, nameless, probably breathless but their perspective undaunted and on target.  You don't know who you are facing, so therefore no need in responding against these "ghosts"!

You are relieved but now, I want to let you know about the ...... I don't think so, I am no longer required to listen to anything being said by this group.  Thank you.  By the way you can always play a movie for your two new managers to get "exit strategy" experience.

But I think as this door was closing what took the cake was a comment, something along the lines of what will you say about us?

So for any of you out there facing a closed door, walk out that door on faith, so many doors will open for you, better doors you'll see, as you deserve so much better! I do.

Nerium International


Deborah "Nanilima" Howell
Its Hawaiian


  1. Sounds like you are better off out of that environment. I'll stay tuned for the next installment.

  2. Thank you DA, I feel so too. Moving along is topping my agenda!