Monday, July 2, 2012

Well, I Said It Today

Well, I said it today.  It was not easy, I didn't say it loudly, and I didn't look the cashier behind the glass in the eye when I stuttered it.  Remember, I mentioned I was going to the movies today, a movie/mall day of sorts.   I saw the movie, I Wish.  Good movie recommend you see it too. 

But as I was looking at the wall at the different costs, I already knew if you go before 4:00p.m. the cost is $8.00.  But what, I hadn't noticed before was Seniors age 60; pay $7.50.  I thought it over quickly, the cashier, I didn't know him, the difference of 50 cents, having to say, "I am a Senior", Oh, I'm so vain. I'm old. Hurry, say it! I said it!  As a result of my revelation I received $2.50 cents change from my ten and my ticket.  I smiled and sashayed into the theater doors.  

It didn't hurt to say it, not really.  I mean don't get me wrong, I am very grateful to be alive at sixty, and seemingly well, a few aches and pains here and there, but nothing major.  But it is giving up the essence of youth, and the sexiness that goes with it. Throbbing, sensuous, my goodness "hot".  Giving up those labels, those thoughts of me in my head.

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So, I am not ready yet, I want to be still young, still claim innocence, albeit, to a few things. I am not ready to be categorized as, "Senior".  There is nothing senior about me yet! Sixty is the new fifty, I'm okay with that, I can handle that.   With that I can still shop for my demure undies, with that, I can still powder up my translucent glitter powder and order or accept a tall glass of wine or a Hennessy neat.

But here is the kicker, I was checking my email and saw a headline Jane Fonda at 74 wows 'em, in a red glitter dress, even taking the spotlight from a 30 year old!

Basically, just call me Jane!

I welcome comments.  I want to hear from you, tell me how you feel.

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