Friday, August 31, 2012

There is Good News

Well finally I went to the dentist.  The dentist office I chose to go to is not open on Thursday nor Saturday; that in itself made it difficult for me to go because previously I worked from Monday through Friday, 9 -5, so there was no time to go to the dentist and not much else.

Well of course, I am done with that 9-5 world; so I can now take some time to take care of myself.  Several months ago, I needed an emergency dental procedure and came to this office, and the manner of the dentist, the receptionist, and the dental assistants just blew me away!  The dentist was so calming and relaxed, his tone was even soothing, he recommended an oral surgeon for my procedure and asked that when that is all done, healed and fine come back to began my dental care.

Well I came back today, I got x-rays and my teeth were cleaned, I was given 3 types of tooth brushes, and instructions for flossing, brushing etc.  When the dentist came in he looked at my x-rays and explained about bone loss, the fact that I have low to moderate gum disease, recommended a periodontist for me to see, and had appointment scheduled for me to see her as he had done with the oral surgeon prior.

I felt so bad, my teeth were in bad shape, I don't want to wear dentures, oh please, I am thinking now; I will take care of my teeth.  Well the dentist said, "there is good news", I guess I looked kind of devastated, I said, "there is".  He said you don't have any cavities.  He inserted cavities into pictures of my teeth, he said, it could look like this, or this but, you don't have any.

My heart felt a little lighter, I think it even got a little brighter in the office.

So from my lesson, I say to you.  Take the time out to take care of yourself, whatever the cost, as with me a sick day, or if it is a day without pay, or if it is being under duress of some type of attendance threat.  Take the time out.  The job or career will still be there and go on, with or without you, but can the same be said of your teeth, or  your sight, or....

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