Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Doors Are Opening

I walk in faith, the doors are opening....  

I was asked if I would tutor the nephew of a friend.  This is something I always wanted to do again.  It is I believe my first love.  The first time I tutored it was my neighbor's son.  His name was Major.  Major was a very popular in school very good looking boy.  He was younger than I and at first he really did not want to be tutored, yet alone by me.  We attended the same school and I was not popular at all.

But his parents insisted so he had no choice as they lived next door to us and I did not mind, I looked forward to him coming over to our house to study.  Well I tutored him in English and math, it was a slow go but I made it interesting and we studied each day after school.  Well one day we got news that the Matthews were moving and well that was the end of my tutoring.  

Surprisingly Major was so upset, I could not believe he did not want to leave; he did not want to stop studying with me.  His family had to console him.  All the anger and pain he had in the beginning to come over and study he now had because I could no longer study with him because he was moving away.

That was the last time I tutored but I never forgot it.

Today many, many years later I am going to tutor again, this is a teenager and I am going to help with math, English and his home work after school.  I met him today and he is pretty amazing.  He speaks very little English, but he was quick to tell his dad he will help me with speaking Spanish.

This is going to be good for me on so many levels, as I meet him after school, we spend 2 hours studying that's it.  I get away from my computer and surveys for a while, I get exercise from walking from the school to the library, and most of all I am doing something I like to do, so its not really like a job, but I get paid.

Oh my life is coming together after the end of the 9a-5p work world!!

Yay for me....

Are you staying strong in your life?

Deborah "Nanilima" Howell
Its Hawaiian


  1. I like tutoring too, especially Mathematics and English... For me the student should be sincere and persevering... some have come and gone, because they wanted to show up due to parental pressure, rather than own intent to learn.

    Sharing what we learnt from others and from experience, making others strong in their basics and fundamentals, these I love to do and wish to do as long as I live...

  2. Vrvd so do I. I would hope I could do this that long. Thank you for your comments.