Thursday, August 9, 2012

Surveys, Good Grief

Oh boy, I have been doing surveys, surveys. Whew this is busy work.  I have been sitting in front of my computer more faithfully than if I was at work.  The only difference is I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn, get dressed and go across town to do it.

I have joined hundreds of survey sites. I have answered the questions, I can call them "the questions" because at this point in the survey world, I am again introducing myself. So basically, I am answering the same questions over and over again.

At this point in my life, I am being screened out of a lot of surveys, I think this is because people may not  be as interested in my opinions, to the same extent as when I was younger, with young children, buying a home, with husband, 2 cars, etc.  Now my children are grown and flew the coup, my husband bless his soul... and I moved on to a studio apartment. So does anyone really want to know what I think?

Now we are going to talk about my hair (that is how they do it in the surveys), I love my twists, I simply love them.  I just got it done last week, so it is still a little tight, but it has loosened and relaxed a bit. By next week for sure I will look like a goddess!

I joined a social club.  I can't wait, my first event is Sunday, we are having a Zumba day with catered food I already know I am going to love this.  I have not gone to the gym this week so, this is right on time.  This is going to be so good for me, because there are many groups, and so many activities to choose.  I already know I am going to participate in the yoga group.  The yoga group seems to practice on the beach right before sunset.

Well I have to read several passages in the Bible before I go to bed, as yesterday my eyes were too tired to focus anymore.  So before that happens again tonight, I am going to wrap this up and talk with you guys later.

By the way do you know of a Survey Panel for me to join?

Nerium International

Deborah "Nanilima" Howell
Its Hawaiian