Monday, August 13, 2012

Are you ready to Zumba?

A Zumba Extravaganza it was.  Well I signed up for it and I went.  I must admit I was a little hesitant at first. I did text my daughter twice before going in, and I went in twice and came back out. I actually feared going in.  You see this was my first time attending a Zumba class yet alone a extravaganza!  I put my fears on hold and walked in!

Our host thanked Tina for organizing the event, an instructor took the stage, and the music took over! 

I'm telling you that is all it took, to hear that music makes you want to move.  Here I was, now all my moves were not synced but all the same I was to the beat.  As I continued some of the sets I synced with, I had the movements going along with the instructor and most of the crowd.  I was moving and sweating.  After about five sets I went to the seating area rested and hydrated.

I felt good, I am so glad I did not let fear get the better of me.  So back on the floor I went.  Each instructor led 4 to 5 sets.  Some sets I finished standing, others from the sidelines.  

One thing I did do though was bought a Zumba shirt and bracelet.  And I inquired about how to sign up for a Zumba class in my area.  I found Zumba has a website  You can go there put in your zip code and locate a class near you.  If you have any fears of doing this like I did, throw them to the wind.  This is the best thing for men, women and children alike.  It is really a family affair that everyone can get involved and get the health benefits of exercising as well as family fun and togetherness.

Well I for one am going to sign up for a class, and hopefully purchase my first Zumba pants there.  Oh and with Zumba outfits, the more colors the better.  I just love that!!

Are you ready to Zumba!

Deborah "Nanilima" Howell
Its Hawaiian


  1. seems like a nice event. if only i could go there, sigh!!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  2. Cutest it was a really nice event. If you haven't tried it, please do. And you must check out Waikiki too. sigh!! When you have time..