Saturday, September 29, 2012

Life Busy

Whew, so sorry. Okay, I have recently stayed with a friend for two weeks, while his partner was out of town. I had a spectacular time. Kind of like a vacation actually, he was a perfect host. He and his partner recently purchased a property so the contractors, parts and pieces, shopping, ok's etc. was constant, we went out to eat alot. I tried alot of new places, Pho Bristo in Waipahu, Lucky Belly in China Town, and some fabulous places in Pearl City, and of course Macy's.

 On my part, I started back with the temporary agency and received a great assignment to work with cruise lines, two. The training was great and the management team was the best, and the guests unbelievably kind, gracious and endearing. I was so taken aback by all of this, that I am in the process of getting my passport current and I am going on a cruise. 

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 Well, I attended a training session yesterday, with the cruise ship management team and we are working tomorrow ... 

 I miss you guys!!

Deborah "Nanilima" Howell