Friday, May 23, 2014

I'm Back

Has It Been That Long...

Oh my procrastination, no, busy, a little, working too much, having relocated again, all valid but; slowly I am coming back!  I want to write and read but I guess as with anything else that is important to you to do; you have to fight for it!

Where do I start.  I moved from Honolulu to Houston.  I am still getting organized.  Getting things together.  For one, I love my place in Houston, it is beautiful.  Pictures to follow soon.  The weather here in Houston has been fabulous, I hear it is just unbelievable and I'm so grateful for that.  Of course I miss Hawaii, the 85 degree everyday weather and I really miss my friends Ej., Bret, Rena, and Telly as well all my GO Airlines folks, which most of them have left Hawaii too.

My family is fine and still growing, bundles of joy are abound. I am looking for a new home based business. Currently  I am doing marketing research with a local company here in Houston. So for now I am back and will be putting the fingers to keyboard soon!!

Deborah Howell