Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vacation Where? Vacation What?

Oh thoughts of vacation are swirling in my head.  I am trying to narrow things down. I am thinking about going to Vegas, slots and the Tropicana. I am thinking about a cruise. I am thinking about Jamaica.  I don't know where to start.  I can't get determined on anything, and it is getting late, in the year I mean.

Looking over this year, it has really been a lot of ups and downs for me.  Many things changed, some doors closed, as new ones opened.  I've had plenty of time to reflect on the past and present.  I am excited about the future and what it will  bring. But again as vacation goes, I continue to draw a blank.

Does this mean something?  Well I have talked to friends, but it only gets more confusing, some don't cruise, some want to cruise, no one knows where. They all are talking next year, so that makes me want to just take a quick trip to Vegas now and think about next year's vacation next year.

Actually, I want to see my daughters and their families too, although that is not really a vacation, well I mean close, my younger daughter when I visited her in Texas, it actually was a vacation, she took care of everything, she was entertaining, she took me everywhere, we attended shows, movies, clubs, restaurants, even the casino.  My oldest daughter is soon moving from Illinois to Texas so perhaps I can wait to see them both in a Texas visit.

As much travel as I plan on doing in the future; I need to work at an airport with benefits.  I applied too, you all wish me luck!!

Have you gone on vacation yet?  Where did you go?

Deborah Howell
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